Hotel Kokusai 21

Rental Bicycle

Nagano City is quite spread out, and some districts like i.e. Matsushiro are far from the city center. Hotel Kokusai 21 offers free use for the whole day of their rental bikes to those who stay overnight. You can take this bicycle all through the city!

Matsushiro is a beautiful part of Nagano City, with a park with castle ruin, temples of the golden age, houses that used to belong to the warrior clan Sanada, and more. Get on your bike from Kokusai 21 and in 30 minutes you’ll have arrived to the old city of Matsushiro.

The bicycle is an easy method of transportation if you want the fun way around the city center. Zenko-ji Temple is only a 5 minute bike ride away from Hotel Kokusai 21 and from there you can take the downhill road to either the Gondo arcade or station area for some shopping or lunch. If you want to see the Zenko-ji morning service, you have to get up quite early. The bicycle is a good way to warm up and also the fastest way to the temple as public transportation is not up and running yet.

Explore Nagano city and surrounding areas like Matsushiro easily by getting on a rental bike which the hotel offers its guests for free.